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The Birth of Bambino


Our story begins on the 19th August 2019, the day our son arrived and our daughters third birthday, we call them our little Birthday twins.

Seasonally they would be the exact same age at the exact same time, nevertheless we had very little to pass down to our son as we didn’t buy anything gender neutral when we had our little girl.

No luxury of passing clothes down, we now needed to find a new home for the excessive number of boxes full of clothes that had built up in our attic over the course of three years. Added to this we started having to buy all new clothes for our son.

This is when we started to explore the gender-neutral route. Determined to reduce our role in waste we purchased plain, inoffensive clothing that we knew we could pass on, however the quality was very hit and miss, options were incredibly limited but most importantly we felt like our strong minded daughter could no longer express her creative personality through what she wore and we started to revert back.

This is where the idea for our little home grown brand, ‘Futuro Bambino’ came from. We are creating the brand and clothes that we believe are missing from the current market. Gender neutral clothes with personality. Clothes that come with changeable patches to suit your little persons style, to give them a choice to identify exactly who they are through clothes that literally don’t cost the Earth.

It is so important to us to make quality clothes that will stand the test of time and can easily be passed on from one child to another. We believe in protecting our future babies and babies’ future by being mindful about the processes and practices in making our range of clothing. We view ourselves as a kind clothing brand, who strive for a more sustainable approach to manufacturing children’s clothing. We are passionate about slow fashion, less waste and organic materials. We are proud to have created comfortable, stylish, high-quality, organic children's clothes that are gender neutral, with a twist.


We're a small family business with big aspirations, thank you so much for joining us on our journey.


Love Laura, Adam and the Birthday twins

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